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Wings of Eagles Services : Business Closed!

Wings of Eagles Services is my (Keith Dodd) one-person web development operation. I specialize in custom-developed websites for small businesses, individuals, and organizations

As of 2020, I've left the website development/design business. It was work that I enjoyed and recived personal satisfaction from since I retired from education in 1998, after 31 years in the honorable profession of public education. There's more about that on my "About Me" page.

I enjoyed developing data-driven websites tailored to the specific needs of a certain business or organization. None of my websites were of the "cookie cutter" type where the organization had to fit into the website.

The only sites I still have are this one, one I developed to post my thoughts on spiritual and religious matters: Reflections in Ordinary Time, and a private one that manages an outreach ministry for the chuch I attend.